Friday, 13 July 2012

Celebrating Normal Birth

I am off-call!  After attending and supporting 8 beautiful, strong, wonderful mothers since April, I am now due a short break.  I have learnt so much and had the immense honour of attending:

  • a home 'land' birth
  • a home VBAC in water
  • a breech hospital birth
  • a caesarean birth
  • 4 home water births
I am taking my short sabbatical from being on-call in order to rest, reflect and regather my energy.  

In the mean-time, I am planning a workshop for Student midwives and doulas on Physiological Birth: birth is a normal process, a part of life and something that women should be well supported through.  Marsden Wagner writes eloquently and honestly about the dehumanisation of birth here - food for thought indeed. 

Mothers and midwives we need to reclaim birth, we need to honour the strength and courage of all women and we need to do it now.  A fantastic new website has been created for women to share their experiences of birth and midwifery - and to campaign to improve the care that women receive.  Take the time to visit the site and make your own entry....   birth is 'uniquely normal' and we need to celebrate this!


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