Midwifery Workshops

North Surrey Midwives offer the following workshops and opportunities: 

Aspiring student midwife? come and find out more about becoming a midwife, what's involved in midwifery and ask your local IM questions about her work! A perfect day for anyone who wants to pursue midwifery!

We receive on average 2 requests A WEEK from aspiring students requesting work placements with me; unfortunately we are unable to accommodate these requests, but offer the aspiring student workshops instead. Sorry!

Student Midwife? Would you like to spend some time with an IM?   Each quarter we open out our practice meeting and invite students to come along for 'a cuppa' and a chat about all things birth and midwifery related.  You can get in touch to be added to the mailing list.  It may also be possible to support you with your elective* placement - you will need to email us directly to find out more. 

*elective is dependent on dates and client suitability.

For further information on any of the above please visit the website North Surrey Midwives

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