A few years ago I felt it was time to learn to knit; in my mind the great wise women of old would have knitted at births whilst they patiently waited for the baby to arrive.  I blogged about the art of knitting and drinking tea 'intelligently' as a great skill for midwives; so I am pleased to share some knitting ideas with you here!

Basic Baby Hats

These are dead easy to knit and can be finished in a few hours:

In circular needles: size 4.5 (or 4), 40cms, cast on 64 stitches in dk.  Knit in the round for 5inches.  Transfer stitches equally onto 4 dpkn (16 on each needle).  Decrease:
R1 k stitches 7 & 8 together (14 stitches)
R2 k stitches 6 & 7 together (12 stitches)
R3 k stitches 5 & 6 together (10 stitches)
R4 k stitches 4 & 5 together (8 stitches)
R5 k stitches 3 & 4 together (6 stitches)
R6 k stitches 2 & 3 together (4 stitches)
R7 k stitches  2 & 2 together (2 stitches)

Knit stitches together and transfer last 4 onto dpkn.  Knit in I cord for 4 inches and tie off at end.  Tidy loose strands.  Done!

To make fruits simply knit a simple leaf and add to 'stem'.  Go be creative.

Now, if that is all gobbledy gook to you then do not fear; you just need to watch someone knit this!  So ask a knitter friend, or join a knitting group, or come and have a cuppa with me!

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