The blog posts written by North Surrey Midwife are written from the view point of an experienced midwife working outside of the hospital and NHS setting.

Midwives: you are reminded that as practising health professionals you need to make your own judgements and values on what is published here and in other blogs.  I am not accountable for your practise.

Students and aspiring students: the world is your oyster.  How you choose to practise is your choice; I hope these blogs inspire you to approach midwifery with care and love, and support women based on evidence - not unit policies.  

Parents to be: birth is a normal, physiological event.  My blogs represent a holistic view to birth and midwifery - and yes, they are quite 'earthy'.  Choosing the person to support you at the birth of your child is a basic human right.  If you can, choose wisely.  Birth may last a day, but the memories last a life time.  

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