Sunday, 13 October 2013

Shiney New Blog

I am so excited to feel my bloging fingers return to the keyboard, and am bursting with new ideas for midwifery and birth related posts!  It's been too long.....

I am planning to start 'what I have been reading' posts, sharing what's on my book shelves with you, as well as 'how to 'posts on midwifery skills (primarily aimed at students) and of course my usual reflections on current topics.

Speaking of which, we are in October.  October.... the impending end of Independent Midwifery as we know it.  Of course, as with all things in life, the goal posts have changed and the NMC confirmed this week that there is a delay in the implementation of the new legislation and we now have until February.  In the meantime, IMUK, who have been working incredibly hard over the summer months and have found a product that is a solution to the insurance fiasco, continues to beaver away at getting insurance in place long before that deadline (we very much hope that the dear DoH do their bit and help us on our way) .  You can keep up to date here.

Pretty knitted things
Exciting, turbulent, history changing times lay ahead; and it is down to the passionate and strong midwives and supporters that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Women have always had a strong influence in the course of history; this year was the 100th anniversary of the death of Emily Davison, the suffragette who threw herself under a horse; I feel I am part of a modern suffragette movement (although I am not throwing myself under a horse), not one working to get the vote, but one to get a basic human right to know and choose your midwife as a normal part of the childbearing continuum.  I am a feminist - and rightly proud.  Okay, I am a knitting feminist, and rightly proud.  Okay, I am a knitting, mascara wearing, girl-who-likes-pretty things feminist, and rightly proud.

Mascara wearing midwife on a mission
Anyway world, watch out.  Or you may have a bunch of media wielding, modern suffragettes playing havoc with your his(her)story; and it might not be pretty or knitted.

angela x


  1. I WANT a midwife hat! Do you have a pattern?

  2. Confession..... my husbands company makes those. But I can get a price for you! PM me.