Monday, 13 June 2011

Where is the love?.....

Having recently spent some time in various NHS trusts, I am always amazed by several things:

1) The varying ways in which Independent Midwives are treated
2) The amazing work that NHS colleagues do in sometimes really difficult situations
and the saddest part
3) There is no LOVE in most units :-(

Having a baby for most women is a unique, life-changing event; they are facing the biggest challenge they may ever face in becoming a parent. Some women face this with confidence and ease, some in-difference and some complete terror; but all of these women deserve some patience, empathy and LOVE!

I can not begin to imagine how hard it must be to work full-time on a busy labour ward. I feel it is time that midwives are taken care of properly, with respect from management and team members, with love and care. Then they too can pass that on to the women and families that are central to midwifery care!


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