Friday, 21 January 2011

I am embarrassed to note that it is almost a year since I last blogged - which is terrible!

Over the 12 past months I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending some really lovely home births - land and water - that have, as normal, left me in awe of how amazing birth is and how incredible women are! I read today in The Practising Midwife that only around 1% of births take place in water; that statistic is so shocking and I am saddened that so few women experience the support, warmth and comfort that a water birth can offer.

This week, I attended a lovely home water birth; baby number three for a lovely couple who have had two previous home water births. When I was booked I told this client she would probably give birth on the 19th as it was a full-moon. Not only was I right, but if you saw the moon on Wednesday you could not fail to notice how amazing it was. There was magic in the air that night when we welcomed their daughter into the world.


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