Sunday, 8 January 2012


T'is the silence that's deafening
when the baby is born
into the midwives arms.
Warm, but still. No breath.
The mourning begins, as
the tears flow
for this sweet, sweet child
who is born into this world.
But not unto this life. This time.

T'is the silence that's deafening
as the bitter sweet tears roll down
the mothers cheeks.
And the fathers eyes; so empty, so sad. So sad.
The babe, swaddled and caressed. Perfect.
So real, yet so out of reach.
Not to be part of this world. This time.

T'is the silence that hurts
and the empty arms that ache.
Along with a heart - breaking.
For a son, a daughter
A child
A life
A love.
Not this time.
Not yet.


For Vincent. Born 28 December 2011.
For River. Born 20 July 2011.
For all the babies born as angels.

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