Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Art of Waiting.... (patiently)

There are many skills that a midwife needs to acquire, but the one that has perhaps challenged me most is the art of Waiting..... and waiting..... and occasionally waiting even more! This is what I have learnt:

  1. A watched kettle (bump) never boils

  2. 'Switching off' is essential in order to lead a 'normal' life on call

  3. Projects are a great way of distracting the mind

  4. Family and friends have to be 110% understanding

  5. It's worth the wait

Currently I am waiting for a friends baby, whilst my family are enjoying the last of the sunshine at the coast; a planned short break, but of course baby has other plans! My house is now incredibly tidy; the washing is up to date; the gardening is done; my hair has been cut; I have spent some gift vouchers that I received in July; my knitting project is well under way........ and I am still waiting. 'Tis the life of a midwife - and one I wouldn't change!
Angela x

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